Monday, September 28, 2015

MPH & welcome Autumn

I ordered a few items earlier this month, haven't had a chance to  show them here till now.
Monica Potter Home lavender hand soap and lavender hand lotion.  These smell awesome,so luxurious and are a must have to have in the bathroom or kitchen.!
I also ordered another Sea Buck Thorn Balm .  This little jar of balm is fabulous! Good for minor skin abrasions, zits, bug bites, etc.  I left my original balm at the cottage, so now I have one for home  and one for the cottage. Also a tiny bit goes a long way.
I treated myself to Monica's Beachcomber bag, which is Molly's pick for September. This is perfect for all of our travels. 

So happy it's my favorite time of year!! I love fall!!


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

my baby boy is married!!

 September 12, 2015

Chris and Emily

Just a few pics from that beautiful day.  
I will post a photo album in the future of the event 
when I have all the photos and they are organized.