Wednesday, July 27, 2016

evening walk~july 26

 Pics from my very lovely walk last night.

be blessed

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

a glimpse of my little world

Dan and I witnessed this mama barn swallow and her babies
at our local ice-cream stand. 

Rose of Sharon on our street

Tucker trying to get my attention!

a look at my "almost completed"  planner pages of yesterday.
I am so thankful I discovered the Planner Perfect  method that my friend Jenny created!!
Check out Jenny's shop here for the most beautiful journal/plan books,
she is an amazing artist and her plan books are heavenly!

Enjoying summer with some pink lemonade
Monica Potter Home's lovely Summer scented candle.

be blessed

Sunday, July 24, 2016


Dan and I , along with Bentley and Tucker spent a few days at our cottage last week.

Bentley couldn't wait to get there!

  Dan had work to do outside on the property. I did some cleaning and organizing inside.
Of course we still enjoyed our view.

  We went into a nearby town for gas...this sign made me laugh!

Tucker relaxing...

I did not have a wine glass of any shape or form at the cottage,
so I made my own from an old candle holder.

removed the old wax
washed glass

Old candle holder = wine glass

Our last evening there we had dinner with our niece Rachael and her husband Shawn.
Had a fabulous time visiting, love them!  And the food was good too! 
On our way back to our cottage, Dan and I stopped for ice-cream at the local Kilwins.
Big Rapids, Michigan

Toasted Coconut

Here a few recent pics of our
adorable little grandson

be blessed

Saturday, July 16, 2016

My first totally homemade pizza

Today I made my first totally homemade pizza! Yes, I am 57 years old and for the first time ever made pizza sauce and the crust from scratch! Thanks to my friend Jenny of Planner Perfect  for this amazing recipe. Also thank you to Jenny for  inspiring and challenging us in our Project Me online group. Love this group where we are learning to care and nurture ourselves, refueling the body and soul.

 Ok, here we go!

dough rising

sauce simmering
cooking sausage for Dan's side of the pizza

fresh mushrooms, always the best!

say cheese!

ready for the oven

I think I did it! 


I have to say it is very yummy!

The recipe make a generous amount of sauce,
so I divided what was leftover  into a few Ziploc
freezer bags and put them in the freezer
for future pizza days.

Click here for a link to Jenny's pizza recipes.

Have an amazing weekend!


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Planner Perfect

Hi friends! It has been a while since I have posted here on the blog, but most of you see what's happening in my life on Facebook or Twitter, right?  

Today I am sharing about something that has changed my day to day life and made it more fun and exciting. A few months ago I somehow  came across the fabulous Jenny Penton of Planner Perfect and Designs by Planner Perfect.  Jenny teaches woman how to script their lives, to write a better story, a story you want to live! It is living with purpose, with intent...using talents and gifts that God has given us.  Praying and dreaming the life we want. Check out Jenny's website, her book, her videos. You WILL be inspired and encouraged no matter what stage of life you are in.   Until I met Jenny, I had the mindset that I was old (ugh) and beyond being creative, past writing a better story.  I know better now, thank you Jenny for reminding me that I still have goals and dreams to fulfill! Please check out her website, I can not properly describe how awesome it is!

Now, for my friends who are already using the Planner Perfect method or are interested  and maybe you aren't a young Mom anymore, maybe you are a grandma, a widow, a retiree, etc.  Guess what?  Well, I  am part of that group. I am a grandma, praise God! I am married to my best friend Dan, who is retired. I guess you can say I am retired too since I was a stay at home Mom and we are empty nesters now. 
At the beginning of my planning I wasn't sure how much I would write in my books everyday. In general we have a routine but since we are retired and no kids at home, life can be unpredictable and spontaneous.  So far, I haven't filled all the pages each month. So, I  use the left over pages for memories. I put photos, written memories, mementos, ticket stubs, etc. on these pages.  

some of my pages...
still learning!

 Jenny's lovely notebooks
her artwork is phenomenal

I  LOVE decorating my pages. I experiment with watercolor, acrylic, stamps, stickers, washi tape, etc,  Fun, fun, fun! Jenny has fabulous videos on decorating our notebooks.   I will blog again, hopefully soon, about my journey with Planner Perfect and scripting my life.  Maybe, I will get brave and make a video!

On another note...

We have been super busy and blessed with family and time at our cottage. God is good!  More about our new grandson in another post. Stay tuned.....

Ok.. I'll give you one pic!