Monday, June 8, 2015

Exercises~arms, abs & more

As the weather heats up, tank tops and sleeveless shirts make it difficult to hide out-of-shape arms. Get rid of the flab with three firming and toning moves.
An overhead triceps exercise will firm up the backs of your arms. Meanwhile, a bicep curl works the front of the arms, especially when you add some resistance in the form of 5-pound dumbbells. As a bonus, uppercuts combined with squats will hit the front of your shoulders as well as your biceps — and the squat firms your legs and glutes, too.
Try setting a timer for 10 minutes, and see how many rounds of each set you can do in that time. This removes the rest between sets and will allow you to focus on stamina as well as strength.
Do each of these exercises 20 times for two to three sets at least three times a week for show-off-worthy arms!

Jenna Wolfe overhead triceps

Overhead triceps
Seated or standing, bend your arms and bring them both overhead, positioning them so that your elbows point to the ceiling. Hold onto a dumbbell with both hands and extend the arms upwards until your fists point toward the ceiling. Repeat 20 times.

Jenna Wolfe bicep curlsTODAY
Jenna Wolfe demonstrates the bicep curl
Biceps curls with 5 lbs.
Stand with elbows next to your sides, holding a 5-lb. dumbbell in each hand. Slowly raise the weights by bending your elbows and bringing the dumbbells up towards your shoulders; pause, then bring them back down. Repeat 20 times.

Jenna Wolfe upper cutsTODAY
Jenna Wolfe demonstrates the upper cut.
Uppercuts in a squat
Stand in a squat position in a wide stance, toes pointed out at 10 o'clock and 2 c'clock. Hold 5-lb. dumbbells, one in each hand, with arms bent. Alternate bringing arms up into a "punching" motion for 20 or more reps each.    credit~Today~Jenna Wolfe

morning exercises

Your wake-up workout

ab exercises


  1. Hi Pam, a great post. Please leave me a tag when you post. I was just thinking about using weight. I have lost a lot of muscle so I need to get busy with exercise. I need to get more disciplines for sure! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Pam,
    I am not good with exercise but should be! These look good.
    I walk miles at work up and down corridors and I hardly ever take the lift.❤️