Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Whatever Wednesday~computers & other things

My online time is limited lately and not by my choice!  

The laptop has issues. It's  too much for me to explain, but I have consulted with  my computer guy.


On the bright side, it is time for a new laptop!

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Hopefully I will be able to get the new one within the next couple of weeks. 

Other Things
Did you ever have a day where small things kept going wrong?  
Nothing tragic, but just enough to irritate you and give you  a headache?

Here is our list today...
1. laptop wifi connection off and on..mostly off 
and the desktop is on it's last legs.

2. lost electricity for about 1 hour

3. garage door opener mechanism broke

4. wireless mouse on desktop computer died

5. I stepped in grease in the garage and tracked in the house onto the carpet.

6. playing waiting game for some financial business

But the good news is...

and ...
I will remember some of my many blessings of today...

1. tying up details for Kelly's baby shower this Saturday!

2. Spring like weather

3. laptop is working some of the time

4. I found the old mouse for the desktop

5, Dan fixed the garage door 

6. I was able to get grease out of carpet

7. coffee

be blessed


  1. Hi Pam, I loved your post today! You will soon have a new computer and a new grandchild! I have a wireless Logitech trackball. It stays in one place and I just move a little all around. Started using it when I was working to help my bad shoulder. Then other people started using it because it helped them too. So hopefully your next post will be about the baby shower. :) Hugs

  2. Glad to see your post here! I hope you can get your new lap top soon. Oh my - how do you get grease out of a carpet? I'm glad that things worked out. What fun you'll have at Kelly's baby shower!

  3. Hi Pam! Your days sound like mine! LOL! I have a Logitech trackball mouse too, and its terrific! Can't wait to read more about Kelly's baby shower!