Sunday, July 24, 2016


Dan and I , along with Bentley and Tucker spent a few days at our cottage last week.

Bentley couldn't wait to get there!

  Dan had work to do outside on the property. I did some cleaning and organizing inside.
Of course we still enjoyed our view.

  We went into a nearby town for gas...this sign made me laugh!

Tucker relaxing...

I did not have a wine glass of any shape or form at the cottage,
so I made my own from an old candle holder.

removed the old wax
washed glass

Old candle holder = wine glass

Our last evening there we had dinner with our niece Rachael and her husband Shawn.
Had a fabulous time visiting, love them!  And the food was good too! 
On our way back to our cottage, Dan and I stopped for ice-cream at the local Kilwins.
Big Rapids, Michigan

Toasted Coconut

Here a few recent pics of our
adorable little grandson

be blessed


  1. Aw. He's a cutie! Love your ingenious impromptu wine glass!xxx

  2. What a happy little boy your grandson is...smiles all over :)
    I like your wine glass, I reuse candle glasses for orange juice, they are the perfect sizeA cottage on the lake, how special !

  3. Haha, where there's a will for wine, there's a way!
    Gorgeous scenery at your cottage and an adorable little grandson.

  4. Hi Pam, Love all your photos , especially the baby pics...he's so sweet. Your views are even nice when it looks stormy. Cute idea for a wine glass. Thanks for visiting my blog, I'll be pay you visits also. Blessings, xoxo, Susie


  5. Everett is getting more and more adorable if that were possible! That is a funny sign. Have a great week.