Thursday, August 4, 2016

Errand Runner & Monroe County Fair

First of all I would like to share with you  my  lovely errand runner
inspired by the fabulous Jenny of Planner Perfect!

My errand runner has taken the place of a boring wallet!

This leather traveler notebook is personal size and is from the awesome Chic Sparrow

The beautiful Errand Runner notebook is from Designs by Planner Perfect
The design, craftsmanship and art is above amazing!!!  
I am in love with Jenny's artwork!

 The leather zippered pouch insert is from 3 Speckled Fawns. I love that has room for credit cards, cash, receipts, etc.
 Grocery shopping is a dream with my Errand Runner!

I hope you check out the Planner Perfect method!
The Errand Runner is just part of it.
I will share more about my other planners and notebooks another time.

Today I spent a few hours at our county fair with my cousin, Tammy.
My Mom and my sister Lori were there with us for part of the day as well. Great fun!


 In the distance, calling my name...

Elephant Ear...great tradition!

love all the 4H exhibits!
here are a few

 tall guy LOL

 be blessed


  1. looks like a lovely day out there Pam. Thanks for sharing :O) xx

  2. It all looks wonderful! I want one of those elephant ears, too :) And I love the little fun! Thanks for sharing, Pam. xoxoxo!

  3. Hi Pam; Love the fair photos. Looked like a lot of fun especially you enjoying the elephant ear LOL. It looks delicious even though I never had one. :) Have a blessed day ahead my friend. Hugs

  4. The errand planner looks very efficient. County fairs are such fun. I missed ours this year but want to go next year.

  5. The errand runner looks great! I love it.
    That elephant ear looks amazing! Looks like a great time!