Wednesday, May 17, 2017

laid up, plans cancelled

 I was enjoying some gardening in our back yard...
working in my rock garden.
I stepped backward, mis-stepped somehow...
and took a little tumble, twisting my right ankle in the process.
I heard a "pop" and it hurt like crazy.
Glad we had those crutches in the attic.
Dan took me to urgent care.
After x-rays and examination I was diagnosed with a fractured ankle.
My ankle was splinted and wrapped.
I was given a RX for a few pain pills.
Arrangements were made for me to see an orthopedic doctor within the next few days.

Yesterday was my appointment at
University of Michigan Orthopedic Surgery Clinic.
More X-rays.
Awesome care, the whole staff  was fabulous.
They updated my crutches. Yay!
Thankfully the fracture is small,
so I am wearing a boot air cast. 
I will be wearing it 24/7 the next 2 weeks.
NO weight-bearing.
Taking it off only to shower or to ice my ankle.
The ankle and foot are swollen and bruising is yellow in color.
I go back to see doctor in two weeks.
More x-rays.
At that time I will still wear the boot for another 4 weeks or so.
But I will be able to take it off at night while in bed.
And I should be able to walk on ankle, wearing boot of course.
This is my right ankle, so I can't drive till this boot comes off.

But, I am so thankful.
It could have been so much worse.
I didn't have to get a cast and surgery wasn't needed.
Thank you Lord!

Bless Dan, he has to do everything around here.
He is taking good care of me.
love him.

We had to cancel our yearly May trip to
Mackinac Island, staying at the Grand Hotel
for the Celebrate Your Marriage conference.
Anyone who knows me, knows how much
I love Mackinac Island and the Grand Hotel.
When I am there, I am in my happy place.
It is coming up May 21.
I was so sad to cancel.
But thankfully the hotel is holding our deposit for next year's conference.
Also Jay and Laura with CYM are letting us use our conference tickets for next May's conference.
Both of these are huge blessings!

So, here I am taking it a day at a time.
Blessed by God, Dan, family and friends.



  1. Hi Pam, thanks for visiting my blog. I am sorry about your ankle. Glad you get to use your money next year for the marriage conference. I know how how much you love the Island. My sister is in Michigan by the university to visit her grand daughter. I think she is Ann Arbor?

  2. Hi Pam. Thank The Lord you didn't have to get a cast and surgery. Sorry about having to cancel your trip. I know how much you love that Island. Have a day of blessings dear friend.

  3. I hope you are feeling better chicky.
    I STILL can't believe somehow? my brain disconnected and I was thinking oh Lordy... well YOU know... geez... thanks for the grace. xoxo Love Lea

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